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"Do something right and people will enjoy it. Keep doing it
right and they'll keep coming back for more."


A company that simply
loves tea

Whatever we do with a cup of TYLOS TEA, we like to do it beyond perfection. Maybe it’s just the British way to produce the best. We are very proud of our cup of TYLOS TEA. We have always been making good tea and when it is done right, it’s amazing what a simple cup of tea can do . Things have a habit of feeling instantly better after a proper brew of a wonderful cup of TYLOS TEA. We’ve come a long way since we began our business over a century ago. Who would have thought back then that we would still be selling some of England’s favourite teas


A sip of Tylos lasts a Second, The Taste Lingers for ever

As Pioneers in Tea we take great Pride in our cup of TYLOS TEA. Tylos Tea leaves, ( the 2 leaves and bud from which tea is made ) are all hand picked from the Worlds Finest Tea Gardens to retain their flavour, then tested for their quality after which different varieties of Garden Fresh Tea are expertly Blended by our tea tasters to give you a unique experience in every sip of TYLOS tea.

Customer Comments

"I really enjoy Tylos tea, I live in Grand Rapids. Michigan area. I was born in London and remember that Tylos was my Grandmother's favorite tea."

Eileen Meyer | Michigan (United States)

"We are Great lovers of your CEYLON TEA!!
With our best regards"

Joachim Triebel | Ilo City (Philippines)
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